Balance Boards

Dein Balance Board für Zuhause und unterwegs


Balance Boards

Dein täglicher Begleiter!

Welcome to our NESH community

Our balance boards are made of high-quality beech wood and then finished by us with a unique laser engraving.

The specially developed NESH role, which is perfectly matched to our balance boards, enables you to strengthen your whole body muscles and improve your balance on almost any surface. Training with our NESH boards is not only fun, you also support the environment and become part of our community.

We have made numerous instructions, photos and videos available to our community on our social channels in order to be in constant contact with you, to keep you up to date with new exercises and to get regular feedback from you. You can find our accounts at the bottom of this page.






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In the first step, the wood is purchased by us. We strictly adhere to our corporate philosophy. That means we only use regional and sustainable beech wood for our balance boards.

This is followed by the rough cut by a regional carpentry expert we trust. This adheres to our specifications and our shape design, which is used for the basic contour.

This production step is followed by a detailed quality control in our company to guarantee you the best possible quality!

Then comes the eye-catcher of our boards: the laser engraving! This is carried out by us personally, because the optics are very important to us. Of course, we want the balance board to look good in your household even when it is not in use! With our in-house and highly accurate laser, our self-designed NESH board design is engraved on the wooden form.

After a further quality control, the balance board is sanded and contour-milled by hand in order to further refine the look and to give the board the "final touch", so to speak.

To ensure that our balance boards last as long as possible, we oil them twice within 24 hours with a special mixture.


The same standards apply to us as to our boards: We only use regional and sustainable beech wood.

A trained expert processes our wood into tailor-made discs.

After extensive quality assurance, the wooden discs are engraved by our in-house laser according to a specially designed design.

The lids are then contour-milled by hand. This gives the reel a further visual effect and makes handling it a lot more pleasant.

Then the individual wooden discs are combined with rubber and a threaded rod for a stable and long-term hold. We mainly rely on rubber from Austrian production and avoid rubber entirely, as it is imported in most cases and we keep our CO2 footprint as low as possible.

Packing & Shipping

We only use renewable raw materials for our packaging and do not use any plastic. The board and the rolls are carefully packed by hand with paper. In order to be able to guarantee safe transport, we also fill your package with wood wool.